The 8th grade awards ceremony and dance will take place on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. The 8th grade awards ceremony is by invitation only and begins promptly at 6:00 PM (doors will open at 5:30 PM to choose seating). Students will be honored by teacher selection for outstanding performance, continual growth, and mastery of standards. All Caloosa Middle School 8th graders who remain in good standing are invited to attend their last dance as middle school students, immediately following the awards ceremony from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in the Caloosa Middle School cafeteria. Students will be allowed into school for the dance starting at 6:30 PM. Please be sure to be at Caloosa Middle School no later than 8:45 PM to pick up your child. Please be advised that limos and party busses are not allowed. Also, please understand that legally we cannot release your child to an Uber, Lyft or taxi service.


Students are being honored for their hard work throughout middle school, therefore we ask that your child come dressed appropriately. All clothing must meet school dress code requirements; overly tight or revealing clothing is not appropriate, spaghetti straps must be covered up, and dresses and skirts must be at or below the knee. Suggested clothing includes polo shirts, button down shirts, dress slacks, khakis, dress shoes or clean sneakers. The theme for this year’s dance is “Masquerade.” Masks can be purchased outside of school; however, there will be some available to wear at the dance for no cost.


Students may bring their cameras to the dance; however, Caloosa Middle School does not take responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen cameras, iPods, cell phones, etc. Students should keep all valuables at home. No money will be needed for this dance.


As we are all a reflection of our school and district, any student who is determined to be a behavior issue by the 8th grade team or administration will not be permitted to attend the dance, as this is a celebration for students who have maintained good grades, academic focus, and high quality behavior. In order to attend the dance, 8th grade students:

  • Cannot receive a referral as of the date of this letter  (unless otherwise communicated by administration)
  • Need to be passing all classes
  • Need to take all testing seriously
  • Must return or pay for all media center books and/or textbooks, Chromebooks, chargers, and cases
  • Pay all monies due to the school
  • If a student is absent from school, leaves early or arrives late on the day of the dance, he or she will not be allowed to attend the dance (without a doctor’s excuse for the early dismissal or late arrival).  


If you have any questions, please contact Amy McCarthy at 239-574-3232 or [email protected]