The Sheriff’s Summer Youth Program is FREE of charge. Anyone between the ages of 11-13, who may be interested in participating in the program, is encouraged to apply. Unfortunately, the seats are limited and all who apply will not be selected to participate in the program as it is based on the availability.  If your child is selected to participate in the SYP, you will receive a phone call the week prior to the pre-registration date.

The program is a four-day program, Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 am to 3:00 p.m. Parents or their designee will be responsible for dropping off and picking up their child on time at the program site.  Children are required to wear appropriate comfortable clothing and closed-toed athletic shoes each day.  Each child will need to bring a lunch/drink Monday through Wednesday.  Lunch will be provided on Thursday.

The Summer Youth Program / SYP offers a creative, interactive, intense and fresh approach geared for youth today, who are faced with handling problems and making real life decisions. Each child will participate in various law enforcement demonstrations and will gain knowledge on nutrition, physical fitness and guidance on making healthy choices.