Information for 6th Graders

6th Grade Team Teachers

Name Email
Ms. Ave Ashby [email protected]
Ms. Emma Blackwell [email protected]
Ms. Lucy Block [email protected]
Ms. Casey Chenoweth [email protected]
Mr. John Crayton

[email protected]

Website: HERE

Ms. Brooke DeCarlo [email protected] 
Ms. Beth Fogarty [email protected]
Ms. Brenda Horner [email protected]
Ms. Joanna Jobe [email protected]
Ms. Maureen Kissinger  [email protected]
Ms. Brenda Kuhn  [email protected]
Ms. Melanie Legros [email protected]
Ms. Cynthia Majewski [email protected]
Ms. Morgan Meola [email protected]
Ms. Teresa Myers [email protected]
Ms. Denise Shadrick [email protected]
Ms. Jeannine Sparkes [email protected]
Coach Melissa Taylor [email protected]
Ms. Ann Tikka [email protected]

2017-2018 School Supply List

School Supply List

School Supply List 
Backpack big enough to hold a Chromebook case and binder
1 Pack of paper
Pack of pencils (one per class- total of 10)
1 Pack of pens
Recommended Supplies for 2017-2018
Wireless Mouse
Water bottle and lunch bag (if needed)
We will provide students the following
Chromebook and Charger
Chromebook Case
Binder Tabs
Pencil pouch
Students can purchase their PE uniforms/PE lockers (if taking PE) and a school locker when school starts.  Lockers are $5.00 a locker. 
As always, teachers will gladly accept the following classroom donations -  tissues, hand sanitizer etc.