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In accordance with Florida law, middle school students are required to earn a credit in civics to be eligible for promotion to high school.
The law requires students to take a state End of Course exam which must comprise 30% of the final grade. All Lee County 7th graders are working with their teachers to complete the course requirements including preparation for the exam. We want parents and students to know the exam is graded by the state and we will not receive the results until mid-summer. Consequently, all 7th grade report cards will not be mailed until the exam grade is available for calculating the final grade. If a student does not earn the civics credit, they will have multiple opportunities to retrieve the credit next year.  If you have additional questions, please contact your school counselor or administration.

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If you have questions or concerns – feel free to contact Dr. Rader at CMS 239-574-3232 or email pamelalra@leeschools.net

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